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Welcome to the Canadian Parks Council

Welcome to

Canadian Parks Council

About the Canadian Parks Council

The Canadian Parks Council (CPC) is a collaboration of all federal, provincial, and territorial park agencies across Canada.

Canadian Parks Council Key Initiatives

In collaboration with member park agencies, the CPC established Connecting Canadians to Nature, the Nature Playbook, Parks for All, and Parks Day.

Canadian Parks Collective for Innovation and Leadership

The CPC funds a panCanadian collaboration with Canadian Universities to support the the effective and equitable-

About the

Canadian Parks Council

Canada has a long tradition of parks and protected areas establishment, and has earned a global reputation as a good steward of our natural, cultural and built resources. Canada’s national, provincial and territorial park agencies work together, through the Canadian Parks Council, to ensure that Canadians can continue to be proud of the role parks and protected areas play in conserving and celebrating Nature’s contribution to our collective health and well-being.

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Collaborative space for Canadian Parks Council Member Agencies.