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Welcome to the Canadian Parks Council

Connecting and coordinating action among Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial park agencies. 

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Who We Are.

CPC represents the interests of 14 governments, over 2,700 parks, and a shared mandate to enhance the environmental, social and economic values of national, provincial and territorial parks throughout Canada.

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How We Work.

CPC is grounded in mutual respect for each other and our Indigenous and non-Indigenous partners and colleagues who contribute to a vision where the health and well-being benefits of conservation and peoples’ place in Nature are realized.

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What We Do.

CPC is both a community of practice and an intergovernmental forum. Board representatives work together to prioritize and direct resources to agreed-upon common interests across the country that can be served through parks.

About the

Canadian Parks Council

Since 1962, park agency leaders have served the Canadian Parks Council as board members to convene and advance collective action for the purpose of making each park agency more effective at achieving their respective goals. 

Throughout its history, the Canadian Parks Council has been focused on leveraging opportunities to improve management effectiveness and the sustainability of national, provincial and territorial park operations for current and future generations.

Member Portal

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Let’s be better together

Collaborative space for Canadian Parks Council Members