About Us

Our Mission

Working together, national, provincial and territorial park agencies deepen relationships with Nature through collaboration, connection, conservation and leadership.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in effective and innovative collective action for parks.

Our Guiding Principles


Recognition and support of Indigenous rights and responsibilities


Accommodation of different perspectives, experiences, values and priorities


Active outreach and engagement to grow the voice of parks in Canada


Intention to optimize the complimentary goals of all parties


Openness with assumptions, plans, decisions, actions and results


Active curiosity and willingness to consider creative solutions

Evidence-based Decisions

Honouring different knowledge systems

About the

Canadian Parks Council

The Canadian Parks Council exists to connect and coordinate action among Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial park agencies.

Since 1962, park agency leaders have served the Canadian Parks Council as board members to convene and advance collective action for the purpose of making each park agency more effective at achieving their respective goals.

Together, the Canadian Parks Council represents the interests of 14 governments, over 2,700 parks, and a shared mandate to enhance the environmental, social and economic values of national, provincial and territorial parks throughout Canada.

Canadian Parks Council

Board Members

Bob Austad
Executive Director
BC Parks
Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
Patrick Graillon
Parks & Special Places Department of Environment
Tracy Draper
Executive Director
Parks Operations Division
Forestry, Parks and Tourism
Sophie Fournier
Assistant General Manager

Tourism Establishments

Shannon Trott

Parks Department of Environment

Tara Crandlemere
Director of Parks and Outreach

Natural Resources and Renewables

Jennifer Johnson
Assistant Deputy Minister
Park Management Services Ministry of Parks, Culture & Sport
Geoff Bailey

Parks Division: Tourism, Culture, Arts and Recreation

Glen Holmes

Park Management Services Ministry of Parks, Culture & Sport

Robert Lemmon

Parks Programming and Planning
Department of Tourism Heritage and Culture

Jason Travers
Managing Director
Ontario Parks
Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Parks
Kevin MacLaren
Provincial Manager, PEI Parks

Tourism Prince Edward Island

Stephanie McCabe
Tourism and Parks
Industry, Tourism and Investment


Michael Nadler
Vice President

External Relations & Visitor Experience

2020 - 2024

Strategic Plan Framework

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Let’s be better together

Collaborative space for Canadian Parks Council Members.