2016 Winter Maintenance Policies and Tactics

2016 Jurisdictional Scan: Winter Maintenance Policies and Tactics
Does your jurisdiction have any internal practices, checklists or standards for winter maintenance? 
COMMENTS:Hi Randy, we do not have a winter standards manual in Sask. Winter maintenance standards are variable park to park. As far as I can tell, we do not have a simple checklist or standards in place. Some parks have little maintenance, they shut the gate for winter. Some of the larger year round parks have hundreds of KMS of snowmobile trails and a big cottage contingent, so they have extensive winter processes.I wish we had a document to share we don’t sorry.
ONTARIO PARKSInquiring JurisdictionRandy Potter 
COMMENTS:Ontario Parks is carrying out an jurisdictional review to assist in the development of a wintermaintenance standard.As part of the internal review we are asking for any internal practices, checklists or standardsthat have been developed for winter maintenance. They could include but are not limited to:winter roads maintenance, i.e., when to plow or snow blow, sand roads?Winter parking areas, when to plow, snow blow, and or sand?Winter trails, boardwalks, viewing pods, sidewalks, etc. when to shovel, snow blow, sand.Frequency of checks, and any associated documentation?Any checklists for winter maintenance operations?We are looking for any documents that may assist in writing an Ontario Parks Winter Maintenance Standard.
COMMENTS: We do not do any winter maintenance that you listed in your questions. We are exempt from the information below due to structures in remote locations like parks. However, we still will check our camping park buildings during the winter to prevent snow damage.
Here is what the Nova Scotia Gov’t Risk Management Service recommends to prevent insurance claims. This was released after the gov’t lost several buildings in 2014-2015.
Risk Management strongly suggests before the start of the snow season, a building snowremoval plan be developed by the building operator. This plan should describe the method forsnow removal from the roof of the building during heavy snow winters.The plan should be updated at least every 5 years or after significant additions/changeshave been made to the roof.The snow removal plan should establisha) whether snow can be safely removed from the roof in a timely manner by competent individuals;b) the competent individual who will carry out roof snow removal;c) the sequence for snow removal, including associated risks;d) that the snow removal plan does not create additional unbalanced snow loads;e) that occupational health and safety and fall protection requirements have been implemented;f) any structural evaluations that should be considered to develop a plan for long- term remedial action when a roof has required frequent snow/ice removal; andg) barrier placement to protect the public, if required.
Building maintenance should be practiced to reduce risks of roof degradation and collapse,and include at a minimum, annual inspection and condition reporting of:a) the roof and make necessary repairs as soon as possible;b) flashing and roof parapets for damage from previous snow loads and repair as soon as possible;c) metal members and connectors on roofs (especially older roofs) for corrosion and reinforce, as necessary;d) areas of previous ice build up to identify solutions to prevent future issues; ande) check for any visually apparent deflection of roof framing members or unexplainedcracks in the building and seek expertise from a competent individual where this is present.
COMMENTS:In response to your request for winter maintenance in our NB Parks, we only have two Provincial Parks open in the winter, and the responses are as follows;1. Winter Road Maintenance: It is necessary for safety for roads in the parks to be plowed and sanded after every snowfall.2. Winter Parking areas: same as roads.3. Winter Trails are groomed by snow groomers for cross country skiing, hiking and walking. Ski hill trails are groomed by downhill ski specific groomers.4. Trails, roads and parking areas are checked daily for hazards or risks.5. Checklists are maintained and adhered daily as traffic dictates.
COMMENTS:We have plowed access roads to campgrounds/ Parks in the late winter, but it is in response to requests or high one-time use events.
The plowing of campgrounds and parking lots to accommodate winter use is currently only in response to high use or demand.
Winter trails at Tombstone Territorial Park are put in by private individuals and are not maintained by us during the winter months. We may do some light patrolling during the busy months of March and April, but no trail building or maintenance.
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Response Rate: 5/13 for 38%

Key Findings:

  • Responding jurisdictions did not generally have internal checklists for winter maintenance for a variety of reasons, include the closure of most parks during the winter months
  • Responding jurisdictions sometimes had “best practices” for winter maintenance

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