2020 Annual Summary

CPC Jurisdictional Scans Year at a Glance
Year: 2020
Total # of Scans: 13
Themes: Contacts for Drinking Water Systems 
COVID-19 Impact on Major Attractions: Financials 
CPC Scan: Questions on Learn to Camp
Fee Comparison Data 
High Visitation Management 
Online Engagement Platforms
Park Info: Call Centers 
Parks Programming 
Picnic Table Management 
Riparian Buffers 
Serious Incident or Fatality Procedures 
Visitation Data – Annual Drownings 
Workplace Violence 
Overall Response Rate: 24%
Scan with Highest Response Rate: CPC Scan: Questions on Learn to Camp
Responded Most Often: B.C Parks at 70% Response Rate
Alberta Parks at 50% Response Rate
Saskatchewan and New Brunswick Parks at 40% Response Rate
Responded Least Often: P.E.I Parks at 0% Response Rate
Government of the Northwest Territories, Yukon Parks, and Parks Canada at 8% Response Rate
Newfoundland and Labrador Parks, Nova Scotia Parks, and Nunavut Parks at 17% Response Rate

*Jurisdictional Response Rate Score is calculated based on # of times responded/(total # of scan requests – # inquiries from that jurisdiction).