2023 Air Quality and Campfire Smoke

Requesting Jurisdiction: Parks Canada

Description: Parks Canada is interested in air quality due to campfire smoke across the country. To this end, we would like to know what data are collected and what various provincial and territorial measures have been implemented in your jurisdiction to ensure and measure air quality, as well as those put in place to mitigate adverse effects, if applicable. Finally, we are interested in the various initiatives put in place to disseminate this information with the public.

Response Rate: 3/13 jurisdictions

Questions asked:

Do you have camping areas where it is forbidden to light campfires? If so, what motivated your decision? Is it for security, logistical, health or other reasons?

Do you assess the level of fine particles in the air in camping areas? If so, how often and do you take special measures if the level is too high? What are these measures?

There are campfire bans governed by very hot or very dry conditions. Do you have other types of prohibitions to minimize the amount of fine particles in campfire smoke?

Have you evaluated or will you evaluate mitigation measures to reduce the level of fine particles in the air?

Please share any questions or issues that you feel may relate to this jurisdictional scan: