2023 Data Analytics

Requesting Jurisdiction: Saskatchewan Parks

Description: Saskatchewan Parks is currently building out its data analytics program and we are interested in learning about the practices and metrics that other jurisdictions use to make enhanced business decisions and measure performance.

Response Rate: 2/13 jurisdictions

Questions asked:

What are the main components of your data analytics program in addition to standard occupancy and revenue reporting?

What data analytics are analyzed which directly aid in making business decisions for the park organization?

Do you complete any predictive data analytics and if so, what are you analyzing predictively (visitation, revenue, site type sales, etc.?)

What has made the most difference in enhancing your park organization from a data analytics program perspective?

What tools and data and from what sources do you collect data? Please share as much detail as possible.

What data specifically is analyzed which later is turned over to marketing to help promote an underperforming product or service?

Aside from marketing, how else does the organization use analytics as it relates to underperforming products or services?

How does the organization leverage analytics for top performing products or services? How does that translate to make other products or services successful?

What is the frequency of reporting on the various components of your data analytics program?

What’s next in your data analytics program and why are you moving in that direction? Or what data do you wish you had better access to?

What do you find to be the most useful aspect having a data analytics program and what does your senior leadership value as part of your analytics program?

Please share any questions or issues that you feel may relate to this jurisdictional scan:

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